Keep anesthesia private — We can help.

The healthcare arena has been volatile for several years now. There’s no question change is coming. But we can take control of that change. Together, we can protect our collective future as private anesthesiologists.

Ownership = Security.

You call the shots.
Owners are decision makers. They control mission, vision, values, goals, policies, and physician/partner hiring. Make sure that someone is YOU.

Maximize reimbursements.

Control compliance & billing.
Being in control of your bottom line means being in control of your billing. Accurate coding, billing compliance and modifiers are critical to maximizing reimbursements.

Know your value.

(And SHOW your value.)
You are not a commodity. Use your own data and outcomes to prove you are indispensable — and secure your hospitals and surgeons as loyal allies.

Protect your income.

Keep the salary you’ve earned.
Ownership means determining your own salary — and everyone else’s. Corporate buyouts come with salary cuts and/or a lower unit value for years to come.

You drive the experience.

(Yours AND your patients’.)
Independence affords you autonomy. Clinical practice advances, quality improvements, safety standards, patient outcomes, the overall patient experience — YOU are in the driver’s seat.

Strength in numbers.

We are stronger. Together.
Reimbursement rates are higher for larger groups. Together, we can offset outliers and share data, which means more negotiating power. Period.

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