Are you prepared?

Only about 40% of the country’s anesthesiology practices remain independent—and that number continues to fall. Are you prepared to protect your independence, or are you vulnerable to a takeover?

They're circling.

Are you prey?
Private practice anesthesiologists are becoming endangered species — vulnerable to corporate and private equity buyouts, as well as hospital takeovers.

Acquisition anxiety?

Corporate takeovers are on the rise.
Only 18 anesthesiology & pain practice acquisitions were reported from 2009 – 2011. That number jumped to 30 in 2015 alone.

From owner to employee.

You’re in for a role reversal.
You will work for them. Corporate buyouts translate to loss of autonomy and your identity as an anesthesiologist—subjecting you to their governance, their operations, their culture.

Getting hit where it hurts.

(Your bottom line.)
Count on a drop in compensation. Acquisitions are funded by drastically reducing physician compensation.

No control.

You will no longer have a say.
Buyouts come at a cost: Ownership. Partnership. Voting Rights. Election of Directors/Managers. Hiring Clinicians. Work/Call Schedules. Facility Contracts. Staffing.

Uncertain future.

Where will you land?
Times are changing. Where will you be next year? Five years from now? Take control of your career, your security, your future. We can help.

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