An Anesthesiologist is Not a Product.

And you are more than a number. Corporate takeovers equate to takeaways—your autonomy, your approach to patient care, your identity as an anesthesiologist. Keep anesthesiology private.

Ready or Not.

Change is coming.
Wake Up! Corporations and hospitals are absorbing private anesthesiology practices at an alarming rate. Are you prepared?

Take action.

Protect your future.
Do more than brace yourself for the inevitable. Take steps to preserve what you’ve built and keep what is yours.

Join us.

Keep anesthesiology private.
Collaborate with like-minded colleagues to protect our collective interests. Together, we can keep anesthesiology private.
By joining the Movement you can strengthen your position as an independent anesthesiologist--maximizing your reimbursement, making allies of both colleagues and hospitals, and increasing your overall value. Together we can keep anesthesia private.
Joseph P. Ducey, MD
Providence Anesthesiology Associates
Charlotte, North Carolina

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